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The Busy Mom's Club

How it works

The Busy Mom's Club is an online community connecting busy moms with other busy moms while also providing lessons on organizing your time, life, and space.

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Because momming is hard!

We need support.  Instead of wasting tons of time scouring the internet for help, you can have all of your questions answered here in one place.

Features of The Busy Mom's Club subscription:

  • A library of lessons that you have access to for as long as you are a member
  • 30 day meal plan with recipes
  • Busy mom book club
  • Access the site over any electronic device (with internet access).
  • Everything you need to stay organized
  • Built in community.  You don't have to sign up for a questionable mommy group that you have nothing in common with.
  • Affordable pricing (cheaper than Netflix-you don't have to give up your Starbucks for this!)
  • Lifetime pricing-what that means is as long as you are a member, your price will not increase.

Are you Ready?

The next step towards becoming the mom, moms are jealous of is The Busy Mom's Club

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you don't even have to give up your starbucks budget to join!

Here's how it works...

The Busy Mom's Club is an ongoing membership community -- which means you get new, actionable content for as long as you remain a member.  (Think Netflix but for moms and cheaper!).

On the first week of each month, I'll introduce a new "bundle" that we'll be focusing on for that entire month.

Each month you'll get a new:

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Because sometimes even busy moms need to take a time out

Want to learn more about The Busy Mom's Club?

In The Busy Mom's Club, you'll get the exact strategies I've used + steps I've taken to organize myself that allows me to have time to do things I want to without being guilt-stricken whenever I'm not having to "react" to the newest crisis to come up.

And the best part?

It's a total one-stop-shop.

Instead of purchasing a course on meal planning, organizing, and joining a mom group (and hoping for the best), The Busy Mom's Club is the ONE place you can find everything you need.

You get instant access to the follow 12 bundles:

mission statement

where is your time going?

You'll be amazed by how much time you really have after 10 days tracking your time.

  • In the first 2 days you'll be a good girl about how you spend your time because you subconsciously want it to reflect on your time audit.
  • Where things really get interesting is on days 3 and 4 when you start behaving how you normally do.  This is where the real "ahas" come in.  You'll start spending more time on Facebook, Netflix, etc.
  • By day 7 you'll be back to your normal habits.  This means that after 10 days you will have an honest view of how you are spending your time.
morning routine

Mastering your morning routine

Learn how to start mastering your mornings with a morning routine that is realistic for busy moms

  • What exactly you need to do first thing in the morning so you can have a successful day.
  • How to find some time for yourself, this will become your favorite time of the day.
  • Why it is important to not only spend some time to yourself but also create a plan so you start your day productive
quick pick up

The 20-minute quick clean-up

The only way to clean daily is to do it quickly.

  • You won't have to worry about surprise company coming into an embarrassing dirty home.
  • Craft your own 20-minute quick clean-up plan with ease.
  • The great thing is, if you feel like you just don't know where to start or you don't think you can do it, use the one I created for my home.

Setting your priorities

Never questions what is most important in your life again.

  • Become aware of what you really want out of life and create a plan to make that happen
  • Have more time in the day to focus on those priorities.
  • Learn when you can say NO and when you have time to say yes to things you want to.

Creating a personal mission statement

Mission statements aren't just for businesses and entrepreneurs.

  • You'll start off by learn what's most important in your life so you can have more time in your life for what's important.
  • Sitting down and creating your personal mission statement can be paralyzing that is why you have the option of a built for you mission statement or one you create on your own.
  • Once your mission statement is complete, you'll know when to say yes and when to say no so you have time for things that are important which will save you tons of time.
evening routine

making over your evenings with a routine

End your day on a positive note each day with your evening routine.  

  • Find out what components are needed in every evening routine.
  • Create a plan that is specific to you and what you need in your life.  Everyone is different that is why this routine will be unique to you.
  • Learn how to save time in the mornings by having an evening routine.
to do list

creating the perfect to-do lists

Create to-do lists that won't overwhelm you and that you'll actually finish each day.

  • Gone are the days of the never ending to do list you will learn everything you need to know about having to do lists that work for you.
  • Save time and get more done everyday by using your to do list.
  • You'll always know exactly what needs to be done next without any question.
Project plan

Creating a project plan

The start to finish project planning step-by-step system.

  • Doesn't matter what you're planning this is the system you'll use to plan out any project.
  • You will learn how to save time, money, frustration, and what needs to be done when with your system.
  • Enjoy the project that you want to complete!

cluttered to decluttered

Learn exactly how to declutter your home by only committing to 20 minutes a day!

  • Learn my 20 minute decluttering system (that I teach in my e-book).  This is the same system I use to keep the clutter out of my home.
  • Find out how to make decluttering your home a non-overwhelming task.  You'll learn how to get started and what to declutter first.
  • Have a clear decluttering plan in place that will give you instant results.  You will have a step-by-step plan in place for your decluttering success.
meal planning

Meal planning made easy

This isn't just a menu planning bundle it's a system that you'll adopt the first time you see it.

  • You're going to be saving time and money with this menu planning system.
  • Create a plan for each meal and snacks so you will have a complete list
  • Create your own recipe database (with the help of some done for you recipes that are included in this bundle) so you never have to figure out what's for dinner again.

become a recovering procrastinator

Gone are the days of wishing you were getting things done.  Gone are the days of putting things off.

  • Learn about how your personality is keeping you from accomplishing what you want to get done.
  • Find out how to make your personality work in your favor.
  • Always complete things you start-because you'll have a plan.
party planning

Party Planning 101

Start enjoying the parties that you throw instead of being a giant ball of stress the entire time.

  • No need to hire a party planner, you will have everything you need to throw an amazing party.
  • Relieve the stress of planning a party because you have a plan, budget, and timeline for your perfect party.
  • Enjoy the event instead of working the entire time.

Each month, you'll get access to a brand new bundle:

At the beginning of every month, you'll receive a new training to help you to organize your time, life, or space.

I always listen to the membership community to find out what types of topics YOU want to learn more about, so the trainings are 100% customized to your needs.

Access to a mom friend who gets you.

It is hard to find connections with other moms that is why I wanted to add the friendship part.  Each month, if you want (it's not a requirement), you can ask to be assigned to a mom friend.  Sometimes we don't hit it off and that is totally fine, that's why you can try again!

Book club included!

Do you love to read?  Have you thought about joining a book club but just didn't know how to go about joining?  It's included in the Busy Mom's Club!  Join us for our monthly book club meeting in the comfort of your own home.

Finally be a part of a community that gets you!

Hurry the price increases in...

You have questions, here are some answers!

Is The Busy Mom's Club an e-course?  I'm confused!!

No, The Busy Mom's Club is a monthly membership site (kinda like Netflix but for moms oh and no movies ;) ).  You'll get access to a monthly bundle, monthly live coaching calls with me, and it's a place to build friendships with other moms!

You can remain a member for as long as you'd like to continue receiving monthly support, trainings, and friendships.  But you can also cancel your membership at any time.

Is this anything like Productive bad-ass moms?

Kinda, I'm actually glad you asked!  I've taken that course, made it better, and created this membership community instead.  The trainings are updated with a more personal component to it.

This way I am able to share more knowledge with you without overwhelming you.  Plus, you can make some friends in the process!

My kids are older.  will this be applicable for me?

It doesn't matter how old your children are.  If you are feeling like you don't have enough time, or you are tired of your lack of motivation, and you're ready to be connected to other busy moms like you, then yes, The Busy Mom's Club is for you.

Not only will you be learning from someone who has created a life that I always wanted (and give you tips and strategies to get you to that level), but you'll also be getting access to guest experts from time to time giving a different perspective on how they run their busy lives.

Will this take a lot of time out of my day?

It will take as much time as you want.  There is not time limit here.  If you're busy some days or weeks, the content is here and isn't going anywhere.

You will however, learn how to manage your time better so you can spend time in the Club and talk with your new besties.

Is there a contract?  Or, do I have to be a member for a certain period of time?

Nope!  You can cancel at any time.  If you don't want to be here, I don't want to force you.

Will the price change?

No, by signing up at the $10/mo. price you are locked in for life!  What that means is, as long as you are a member that is your price.  You don't have to worry about the price increasing for you.

However, if you do cancel and join again, I cannot guarantee that the price will stay at $10/mo.

How long do I have access to the bundles?

You have access to the bundles for as long as you are a member.  They aren't going away.